September 4, 2018

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SEO that gives you more clients

When you invest in SEO, there are two things you should consider: being placed high up on Google with the right keywords that will lead to more business, as well as being able to see your results,  in black and white, through the accurate tracking of visitors.  Regardless if you are selling services or products, and regardless of whether you are B2B or B2C, you should always be able to measure the results of your SEO.

We will help you produce the correct keywords and set targets for what you want to achieve with SEO and with our unique method of measurement, we can also show you the results!  Our results speak for themselves, so we do not need to have any fixed periods.



Google updates their algorithms hundreds of times each year. We work to always keep our customers one step ahead of their competitors and to feel secure in the search results.

When we help you with SEO, we go through these four steps:

1. We will help you set your goals for what you want to achieve with SEO. For example, do you want more customers, more shopping in your webshop, more visitors who join your newsletter mailing list, or do you just want help strengthening your brand? The important thing is that we set up clear objectives so that we can measure the results and give you an idea of your ROI (return on investment). We know that our customers not only want first page placements, even if they are happy with them; but they also want to see results and actually be able to see what they have gotten out of the SEO.

2. Based on the goals that we have set up, we will select keywords and key phrases that have the greatest possibility of reaching high placements on Google and for reaching your goals. We keep track of the keywords that have the best chance for finding new business, that they can place themselves high on Google, as well as making sure that there are actually a lot of people searching for the words each month.

3. We will start working on getting your website high placements on Google by the key phrases and keywords that we selected, but also that even other key phrases will gain high placements on Google. SEO, and not only specific words, is an investment that will strengthen the entire website.

4. We will follow up what happens with new visitors with the help of our unique method of measurement. We will help you with basic tips on what you can do to improve the results and more easily reach your goals. We report continuously, of course, on what is happening with the goals we have set.

What we have done for our clients

We have helped our clients reach dozens of first placements; hundreds of first page placements, we have increased the number of visitors with over 900% and helped webshops increase their sales by hundreds of percent. About 50% of our customers are B2B and about 50% B2C. You can read more about our satisfied customers here.


What is SEO?

SEO is among the most cost-effective forms of marketing on the internet. You can compare search engine optimization with PR work for your website so that Google can provide better placements in search results.

The purely technical part of SEO involves, on the one hand, following Google’s guidelines and adapting the website in such a way that both the reader and Google understand your message Among the first thing to do is to go through all the errors on the website; which can, for example, concern long loading times, broken links, duplicate content, titles, descriptions, etc. Then we produce a strategy and implement it on your website to produce a base for the SEO.

The second thing to do is to make the website frequently spoken about in such a way that Google thinks it is better than your competitors. This includes, among other things, link strategies, citations and social signals. This is the part of the work that is the most important and most comprehensive and is done on a monthly basis.

Something that is important to know is that a website cannot be “search engine optimized and ready”, it is a continuous process. We have talked with many business owners that recently invested in a new website and thought that it would start to appear on Google with good key phrases because those that built the website said that it is “search engine optimized”. After several months of waiting, they are still not visible on any single search string. Contact us and we will explain why this is and how we can help you.


How can our SEO help you?

Our model for SEO can help your business increase sales online. You can reach us at info@ingenious.pictures or directly at 0120-419-9196.

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